VERYYY HOTTTTT: U2 Ft Kendrick Lamar – American Soul

U2 Ft Kendrick Lamar – American Soul Stream Mp3

Stream and listen to U2 – American Soul Ft Kendrick Lamar

Earlier this year, U2 showed up on “XXX.,” a song from Kendrick Lamar’s shattering DAMN. album. But U2 were barely on it, and it sounded a bit like Kendrick was sampling a U2 song that didn’t yet exist. That might’ve been what happened, sort of. U2’s new album Songs Of Experience is about to arrive, and we’ve posted the early tracks “You’re The Best Thing About Me” and “Get Out Of Your Own Way,” the latter of which features Kendrick.

And now U2 have shared the new song “American Soul,” which is essentially an alternate version of “XXX.” Except this time, it’s a full-on U2 rocker with a processed riff and an attempted-anthem chorus: “You! Are! Rock ‘n’ roll!” And this time, Kendrick shows up in preacher mode on the song’s intro, as he does on “Get Out Of Your Own Way.” Listen to it below.


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