True Or False? Check Out 5 Clears Ways To Tell If Someone Is Lying To You Today

Some of history’s most famous liars had clear giveaways
The average person tells at least four lies a day – but even the most adept fibbers have a tell or two.
Scientists have figured out five dead giveaways that you can watch out for if you suspect someone is feeding you porkies.
They mostly involve tiny movements in a liar’s face or hands that reveal they’re not being totally honest with you.
1) Eye movements
People say the eyes are the window to the soul, and the phrase rings especially true with liars.
Most people will look up and to the left when recalling memories, and if they’re making up their story are more likely to glance down.
In the clip below, notorious serial killer Ted Bundy is questioned about his childhood while on death row in Florida.
The murderer, who is believed to have slaughtered as many as 50 women during his 1970s rampage, frequently glances down while recalling his early years, claiming he was a “normal person” with “good friends”.
This goes against reports from his classmates and neighbours, who said Bundy was an isolated and unusual child who didn’t spend much time with others.
2) Micro-expressions
Micro-expressions are small but subtle changes to your face and body language that give your true emotions away.
They happen subconsciously and only an extremely skilled fibber knows how to stop them, making them an excellent way to spot a liar.
Often the tells last less than a quarter of a second before our faces take on the expression we want.
When disgraced US President Richard Nixon famously claimed “I am not a crook” after he was accused on illegal spying operations on his political rivals, his body language gave away his porkies.
The slippery politician crossed his arms and stepped backwards, revealing that he was feeling defensive and insecure.
His crimes were later confirmed and he remains the only US President to have ever been impeached.
3) Hand and feet movements
It’s not just a liar’s face that gives them away – their hands and feet can also reveal an aversion to the truth.
When we lie, we’re more likely to subconsciously squirm with discomfort, increasing our leg and feet movements.
Raising their heels from the ground, crossing and uncrossing their legs and wrapping one foot round the ankle of the other leg are all signs someone is feeling uncomfortable.
4) Blink rate
A liar’s blink rate can either increase or decrease when they’re misleading you.
It’s a sign they’re uncomfortable with being put on the spot.
In the video below, former US President Bill Clinton attempts to deceive the world by claiming he did not have a sordid affair with White House staff member Monica Lewinsky.
Watch how his blink rate increases as he delivers the now famous line: “I did not have sexual relations with that woman”.
5) Hand movements
As well as their face, feet and legs, fibbers will also move their hands in strange ways.
In particular, hand movements become more erratic and are often out of sync with what they’re saying.
That’s because their hands flutter as their brain tries to work the story out.
Disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong lied for years about taking performance enhancing drugs.
Source: The Sun UK

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