Men Always Leave After Sleeping With Me – Princess Shyngle Reveals

Per the nature of men especially a typical African man, he’s ever willing to promise a woman he meets the Heavens just to have a taste of the devil between her legs – Vjayjay.
But the sad aspect of the matter is that after getting a full taste of the Vjayjay, these men run like Usain Bolt for reasons best known to them. Sometimes, the ladies themselves can’t figure out what’s wrong – whether their Vjayjay doesn’t taste good or otherwise.
The scenario above has been the major problem faced by Ghana-based Gambian actress, Princess Shyngle. In the voice of Shyngle, men of repute have been coming her way with all sorts of mouthwatering promises but cut ties with her right after tasting the devil between her legs – Vjayjay.
In a one-and-one interaction with Berla Mundi on GHOne’s Late Afternoon Show, Shyngle revealed that she found it “very hard” as a beautiful woman to reject all the men that come to her, but they don’t treat her fairly because “they go away soon”.
“As a woman, it is hard for me to reject all the men who come my way. All the men I mean the rich, poor, politicians but as soon as they come in get in there they go away,” melancholic Shyngle told Berla Mundi.
She added that at a point, she advised herself never to let her past experiences get into her head, therefore, she decided to take her time and choose one. That one person, perhaps, is still under scrutiny, because Shyngle during the interview posited that she’s not dating.

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