Interview With One Of Nigeria’s Fast Rising Act – Seunrunzy

BoomAfricaTV- We want to know you better. Who is Seunrunzy? My Name is Seun & I’m a rapper.

B.ATV How was growing up like for you? Growing up was kinda tough cos i grew up as an hustler but i thank God.

B.ATV- How did you get into music?  I got into music because i love it.

B.ATV-Who inspired you to start singing? Nobody inspired me into music cos i never had a role model back then. I just grew up and found myself in music.

B.ATV-which record label are you signed to? Not signed into any label yet.

B.ATV-Do you have an album released or upcoming?  I don’t have an album yet.

B.ATV-Which Musician would you like to do collaboration with? Actually for now I don’t have an artist in mind i wanna do a collabo with.

B.ATV- Did you encounter any challenge when you told your parent about music? I encountered a lot of challenges.

B.ATV Have you ever had any ‘crazy fan encounter so far’? Yea Yea…. A lot of crazy fan encounter but i believe it’s a normal thing though.

B.ATV- Your relationship status? I’m Single.

B.ATV- Your female celebrity crush? I don’t have a crush on anyone for now.

B.ATV-What can you say of the Nigerian music industry?  What y’all need to understand is that Nigeria music industry is made up of real people and also fake people. In the the industry you on your on, you gon carry your cross yourself. Though there’s love but it has limit, you just have to hold on to what you doing and be yourself.

If you got the chance to be loved in the industry, you should know it’s by Grace. The industry got it own good time and flaws but as we can see the industry is growing faster than we all think.

B.ATV-We really love your single, “Letter To Davido” . Tell us about this song. Hmmm…Letter To Davido.. I did it because i got a lot of good remarks from the wetin we gain cover i did. I saw lotta signs cos when the popular promoter we all know (Kogbagidi) posted a particular part in the song on his page and Davido commented and used the lyrics in his song wonder woman. And besides Davido is someone i really look up to.

B.ATV- What should we be expecting next after Ada? I’m dropping a new single soon and am very sure y’all gonna love it.

Y’all Can Download Ada via Link Below

Download Seunrunzy – Ada

B.ATV- Any last word for your fans? Thanks to everyone that has been supporting me, i cant appreciate you guys enough. Thanks a lot and i want you guys to keep supporting i won’t let you down.

God Bless Y’all.

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