I Grew Up Listening To Fuji, Hip Hop and Gospel Music – BoomAfricaTV Interview With Jaido P

BoomAfricaTV-We want to know you better. Who is Jaido P ? I see myself as a musical genius , who creates unique contents through his art. I go by the name Taiwo Olajide Daniel , the first child of my family & I’m a graduate of Obafemi Awolowo University.

B.ATV How was growing up like for you? I grew up listening to Fuji , hiphop and also gospel music . I grew up in Lagos , Iju ishaga, Lagos state , it was very rough but it’s a very important part of my life because It contributes to the way I think while creating and making music.

B.ATV-How did you get into music? I started as a chorister in church after then I noticed I can write songs , I kept writing gospel songs till i gained admission into school , then my first year in school I started engaging myself with more challenges like musical contests , battles and all. Briefly , that’s I got into music.

B.ATV-Who inspired you to start singing?Nobody inspired me to start singing , it’s just something I love but I can say a number of legends influenced my pattern of writing songs some of them are,  Lil Wayne, Eminem , 2face , Dagrin and Dbanj.

B.ATV-which record label are you signed to? I’m an unsigned artiste.

B.ATV-Do you have an album released or upcoming? I have a project coming soon but I don’t know exactly when that will be , it’s all in God’s hands.

B.ATV-Which Musician would you like to do collaboration with? I will like to work with 2face,Dbanj , Olamide and Wizkid.

B.ATV- Did you encounter any challenge when you told your parent about music? Not at all. They were just particular about me having my bsc certificate , and I have done that so we don’t have issues anymore lol.

B.ATV Have you ever had any ‘crazy fan encounter so far’? The craziest one was a female fan of mine that jumped on me on my way to the backstage and told me to follow her on Instagram , I opened my Instagram and gave her my phone to her to click the follow button and she couldn’t cos her hand was shaking , she was like please let me calm down before doing this or just do it. That was the day I knew I am truly loved by some people somewhere. It was crazy though.

B.ATV- Your relationship status? I’m Single.

B.ATV- Your female celebrity crush? Seyi Shay.

B.ATV-What can you say about the Nigerian music industry? The Nigerian music industry is growing and I’m very happy about that and things are getting better.

B.ATV-We really love your single, “Grace” featuring Cheque & Zamorra. Tell us about this song. That song was written with a whole sincere mood and state of mind , I had a lot of things going on with me as an human being especially as an artiste before writing this song , instead of thinking and thinking about these things , I thought about making music about it and I did. Zamorra and Cheque heard the song , they liked it and gave a wonderful touch to it. It is a very wonderful piece and I cherish it so much.

Click To Download Grace

B.ATV- What should we be expecting next after Grace? A lot is coming after grace. What I can say is that I just started and this is just the beginning.

B.ATV- Any last words for your fans? I want my fans to know I love them as much as they love me . I promise to keep the fire burning and I urge them to keep spreading the gospel of my music. I love them all. Eshey fans. I’m still your same jaido p shoplashipon kefty kefty time time asprita asindamagret ahumba 🙏🏾❤️



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