How I Had Sex With My Best Friend Dad – Lady Reveals


A Twitter user has narrated how she had sex with her best friend’s dad whom she described as “sooooo fine.”

Read her thread below.

STORYTIME #THREAD on how I fucked my best friends dad

Ok soooooo my best friend lets call her Leslie so this is back when we had just became friends in 9th grade and she invited me over her house for the first time little did i know what was bout to go down

Skool was over so her dad picked us up and when i got in the car i saw him for the first time bitch he was soooo fine mexican with a deep ass voice i was in love

We were driving to her house and i could see him staring at me thru the mirror and he had THAT LOOK like thaaaaat look. I knew sum was bout to go down and i was ready

So we get to her house and we having fun& shit but i was upset cuz her dad barely said anything to me at all so i forgot abt it then at like 2 i took a shower& put on some booty shorts& a shirt then went downstairs to get a drink and he was sitting there at da table

He was like “what uu doin up its late” and licked his lips and my ass was like “dnt worry bout it” and i stared at him givin him the “fuck me” eyes while i said it then i turned around to get my drink and he was like “damn shawty ian kno uu had allat” i’m geeked

Fast forward to later that night i was watching tv then i got up to use the restroom, when i got back he was sittin in my seat& my pussy got wet so yk me i sat on his lap and i could feel that monstah my heart started beating fast asf

He started slowly rubbing on my thighs & && i was like bruh fuck

We both knew Leslie was sleep so he gave me da business how was his stroke game uu ask? …. “OHHHHH MY FUCKING GOD JESUS” and that’s the end of this thread (i still come over from time to time)

MORAL OF THE STORY: y’all kno my famous amos moral don’t matter who, don’t matter when > GET THE DICK. BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY


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