Florida Fisherman Catches 60 Pounds Of Cocaine

Florida has as soon as once more given us an absurd piece of stories. A fisherman coming back from a day on the water observed a white bundle floating beneath the dock as he pulled as much as park his boat in Islamorada, Florida. He scooped it out and minimize open a nook of the plastic that was wrapped across the bundle and found between 40 and 60 kilos of cocaine.

Now, fisherman like to inform lots of tall tales, however this one is corroborated by the native police, the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office. According to ABC News, they stated that “the fisherman stated he observed one thing floating and used a gaff and a internet to drag it out of the water. The exterior plastic was ripped and he minimize a nook, which revealed a white powder inside. … The bundle contained 25 smaller packages wrapped in clear plastic.”

For some motive, the fisherman turned the bundle over to the Coast Guard, who then turned it over to police and federal authorities. Upon reflection, this looks as if the strangest side of an already unusual story. Being a fisherman is a residing, positive, however the cash you would get from promoting 60 kilos of coke is extra of a windfall most individuals can anticipate for his or her entire lives.

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