A day after trolling Offset‘s diction on Twitter, Cuban Doll is here to set the record straight on the alleged threesome with “Summer Bunni.” According to Cuban Doll herself, she doesn’t even know Offset “like that.” TMZ caught up with her outside Topanga Mall in Los Angeles, for an impromptu conversation lasting no more than 2 minutes, by which you get the sense Cuban and Bunni aren’t really pals.

Cuban Doll showed a willingness to accept her “assumed role” in the breakup, not of her own volition. The LA-based rapper stated, “I don’t know him, I never spoke to him – I never had no conversation.” And in truth, she might be onto something. Before we make her out to be “homewrecker” as some would have it, let us consider that body of evidence here.

Offset was airing out a fantasy of his to “Summer Bunni” via SMS: a threesome with her friend Cuban Doll – but that’s where the trail runs dead. We can’t prove that Miss Bunni has the means to organize the menage, nor do we have any reason to believe Cuban has spoken with Offset. “He wasn’t actually texting me,” Cuban Doll cleverly stated. “I’m just caught in the middle. It’s all based of her (Summer Bunni) trying to get clout.”