90% Of Young Married Ladies Still Have A Quickie With Their Exes

There is a possibility that every married young woman still goes to her exe’s for a quickie. Every lady has one or two exes they misses because of one thing or the other that their husbands don’t have.
It could be that the ex was more romantic, caring or he met her financial needs. Most ladies also like a boyfriend beater.
To them, it makes the relationship lively. But due to the inability of that ex to settle down they decides to go for someone serious but still hook up with him for a quickie.
It could also be that he was a good f**ker. He last longer and made her orgasm. Husbands who go out to look for a daily bread do not notice this trick.
They feel their wives are indoors when they go out simply because by the time they return from work they always meet their wives doing housework.
Women are smarter than men in most ways. They know all the relationship tricks because experience is the best teacher.
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